Tag security

Yokti is designed as a subscription free and easy to use platform. To achieve this, by default, access to the tag data is not secured or protected. Any data you put on the tags could be seen by anyone on the internet.

However, there are 186,767,063,731,143,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 possible code combinations and for someone to see your data, someone would have to guess your code. Even if a billion computers each searched our servers a million times a second, it would take 18 trillion times longer than the earth has existed to statistically find one code. In short, it’s not likely.

Personal Data

Regardless of the statistical probability of someone ever finding your code, we still recommend that you do not store any data on our regular, non-controlled tags that might be personal or sensitive.

There are two solutions should you wish to do this :

Yokti Pro Tags

Our Yokti Pro tags are only available as NFC tags. These are special NFC tags that contain an advanced NFC chip onto which we encode a secure secret key. This key is then used to generate a unique authorisation code every time the NFC tag is scanned. We can then check that unique code on our servers when you scan the tag to validate the tag and only present the data if validation is passed.

While the data is still technically visible to anyone on the internet, the statistical probability of anyone ever being able to find a code is now so incredibly small as to be effectively impossible.

Additionally, these tags are also designed to prevent cloning. Any copying of the tag ID will be useless on future scans as the authorisation code will change on the next scan blocking all previous codes. They really are magic tags.

Control Hub (July 2021 Release)

Yokti also offers a Control Hub system to allow management and access control of multiple tags. Find more information on how to setup a Control Hub