Tag Control Hubs

Yokti tags can be used independently without any connection between them. You can even create Tag Clones so that tags operate together as one without any system to manage them.

However, in some cases it’s useful to be able to see all your tags and restrict access to them. To do this, you can create a Control Hub. Control Hubs are subscription free and can be created in two ways :

Control Tags (August 2021 Release)

The Yokti Control Tag system allows you to set up a master tag which needs to be scanned before any other tags can be used. This can either prevent the view of any other tags or the change of data on any other tags.

The Control Tag system doesn’t require a password or login. Any Yokti Pro tag can become a Control Tag but note that Yokti Pro tags are always NFC tags.

By using a Control Tag, you automatically create a Control Hub which groups together all the tags used under and connected with that Control Tag.

Control Login (September 2021 Release)

The Control Login is a ‘traditional’ username and password system to allow a login to access your Control Hub.

The Control Login provides the same access as a Control Tag to the Control Hub and Control Tags can be used alongside a Control Login.