Self Destruct App

The Note App allows the setting of a text note up to a maximum length of 140 characters with an optional date / date & time display.

Note Settings

Text (Fixed or Flex)

A text entry that will display when scanned. Maximum length of 140 characters. Can be set as Flex so that it can be updated at any time after a scan, or Fixed and so it can never be updated.

Title (Fixed)

Set your own title. You can also delete the title completely to have no title.

Add Date (Fixed)

Adds a date or date & time to the text. The display of the date is Fixed in that if you choose to display the date it will always be displayed. However, the actual date will be updated each time the Text is updated if you choose to set to Flex mode.


Flex will allow you to change the text if required. Changing the text will also update the date / date & time if you have selected to show a date. Fixed will mean that you cannot ever change the text.

Fixed elements cannot be altered after the App has been set. Flex elements can be altered after the App has been set.