Yokti Apps

The Yokti platform is built around micro Apps. We regularly add new Apps and are always happy to received App suggestions !

These are simple Apps that allow you to use QR Code labels and NFC tags to tag anything you like and associate dates and notes. The system is designed to be simple so it’s quick and easy to use but it’s flexible and can be used in a vast number of use cases.

Choosing the right App

Yokti divides the Apps into groups :

Status – Counters and settings monitoring

Date & Time – Time and date markers and date logging

Text – ID, short text and notes

Quick Set – Very simple Apps for fast tag deployment

App settings

In addition to choosing the right App, it’s important to understand the difference between Fixed data (data stored on a tag that can never be changed) and Flex data (data stored on a tag that can be updated). See information on Changing App data.