How to scan an NFC Tag ?

Almost all new Smartphones now have NFC tech built in and can scan NFC tags. How you can do this will depend on your phone and operating system.


The Apple iPhone has had NFC installed since the iPhone 6. However, you can only scan NFC tags with the iPhone 7 or newer. Depending on the combination of your iPhone version and version of iOS operating system.

iPhone XS, XR, 11, 12

No app required ! Just hold the top edge of your phone over a Yokti NFC tag and it will automatically work. Simple as that.

SE 2020

You need an app to scan the NFC tags. We recommend either the NFC Tools or NXP TagInfo App. Both are free and reliable. Once you download the app you need to open it and tap on read before holding the top edge of the phone over the tag.

iPhone 7, 8 or X

If you have iOS14 or newer, you can just open the control centre and tap on the NFC icon. You can now just hold the top edge of the phone near your Yokti tag.

If you still have iOS13 or older you need to download an app such as NFC Tools or NXP TagInfo. Open the app first and tap read before holding the top edge of your phone over the tag.

iPhone 6 or older

Unfortunately, the iPhone 6 and older iPhones cannot read NFC tags.


Almost every single Android smartphone sold for many years now has had NFC built in.

You don’t need an app but you do need to make sure NFC is turned on your phone settings. The hotspot on Android phones varies but in most cases it’s located in the upper middle of phone. Move the phone around slowly about a centimetre/half inch from the tag to find your phone hotspot.